where a child's future begins!

Inspired by Shri (Late) Ganesh Giri Goswami, who has serviced the society for a few decades and further inspired by Shri (Late) B K Bhatt & Shri Vishnu Bihari Bharadwaj, who have equally contributed in making few good citizens in the society, Future Ray came into existence.

Future Ray Play & Learn is on the verge of transforming itself in offering the changes that can change the way a child learns everything that is needed in their future endeavour. This metamorphosis was imminent because we at Future Ray saw many innovative concepts & ideas that can add tremendous value addition in a child's development, thus this effort on to create our own identity. Future Ray as an educational organisation, is started to develop new educational system that can imbibe both value and knowledge based methodology in the form of play, scribble and practise.


" It was really a good discussion with her class teacher. I understood the strength and weakness which will help me to workout at home with Anshika. i am very happy that she is progressing." - Parents of Anshika, Nursery, 2012-13 batch.

"We are happy with the progress but would like more care to see that he uses right hand to write."- Parents of Leon. Nursery, 2012-13 batch.

"We are glad to see Mishal's improvement, especially in GK & Science. Writing skills have also improved. Good work!" - Parents of Mishal, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

"I am very glad to attend the meeting and very much impressed by my child, he has improved in his knowledge and learnt all good habits. Thank You!". - Parents of Tarun, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

"I am very impressed and happy about the school teaching skills". - Parents of Yugeesha, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

"Excited to see her improvements in oral skills and activities at School". - Parents of Meghana, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

"Thank you for your time & help in our child's development. Please encourage him to drink water and ask questions in class & also ask him to come to school in time. Appreciation for completion of homework on time would be great". - Parents of Shoubhit, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

"He loves singing, painting & reading books. We are happy with the way & the things he has learnt at school." - Parents of Philip John, Nursery 2012-13 batch.

" The teachers are well mannered and they have good teaching skills and they mingle with the kids well. They not only teach them good studies but also tells them about manners and behavioral skills!" - Parents of Abhiram, UKG 2012-13 batch.

"Priyanka has had a very good experience studying and learning in the school. Thank you for the nice teaching and nice environment provided". - Parent of Priyanka, UKG 2012-13 batch.

"Thanks to Future Ray for all the efforts put on my child as he now able to talk and read well. He has improved in his communication skill very well. Thank you for making my child talk & communicate well ." - Parents of Haneef, Nursery, 2012-13 batch.

" I don't know what to write. Thanks to Maam & the school. We are very happy for our kid to be here and learn. Hats off to all the support staff & especially to Lakshmi Maam. I have seen a lot of growth in Vrinda, no words to explain. Thanks to the school and the complete staff, Vrinda has improved a lot." - Parents of Vrinda, Nursery, 2012-13 batch.

"I see the progress in my baby. Very Happy! To see her progress in the short time." - Parent of Diya.M (Nursery) 2011-2012 Batch.

"First thanks to the teachers for making her learn & Read. Over all my daughter has improved from the past." -Parent of Jovita (Nursery) 2011-2012 Batch.

"very satisfied with your teaching methods and sports & extra-curricular activities. Thank you for all your efforts we appreciate it." - Parent of Lydia (Nursery) 2011-2012 Batch.

"The teaching and the approaching method to child is good and very satisfactory." - Parent of Prithikaa (Nursery) 2011-2012 Batch.

"Excellent in terms of attention, grooming and learning provided to the kids. My child enjoyed his stay completely. We are very satisfied with the school." - Parent of Ayush (Nursery) 2011-2012 Batch.