children learn the way they want

Children learn the most – socially, emotionally and academically – we are aware that excellent faculty (NTT degree and some background in early childhood development) & support staff make the backbone of the entire process. We also take pride that everyone associated with us are at par with the international standards & regularly undergo enabling programs , latest trends in teaching & early childhood development from various experts to understand your wards well. The emphasis is also given to individualised teaching to suit a child's temperament, learning style, home language and culture.

Future Ray Play & Learn believes in inculcating basic values and moral responsibility in a child. With our objective to overall development, we bring in traditional values in day to day learning and follow the same through our researched methodology. A few examples to share, apart from the normal methodology what we follow;

  1. VAK YOGA:
    We practise “Vak Yoga - Samskrutum”, which basically improves the vocal skills of a child and a traditional way of repairing Autism.

    This form is practised for a better mind and body co-ordination. Combination of Music with dance helps kids to develop their listening skills. These are not dance classes but various rhythmic form of learning, in modern world called as Kinaesthetic learning.